Knee joint replacement surgery is performed when knee damage or pain is so severe that nonsurgical treatments could not provide relief. It involves replacing the knee joint with an artificial joint made of metal or plastic.

Reasons for Having the Surgery

Knee replacement surgery is performed:

  • To relieve pain that may be caused by arthritis or some other condition
  • When the pain prevents you from performing normal activities such as walking, taking care of yourself, or even sleeping
  • When other treatments have not relieved the pain sufficiently

Innovative Knee Replacement Technology

Computer navigated knee joint replacement surgery is performed at Southwest Healthcare Inland Valley Hospital by Dr. Michael French. Dr. French uses an innovative technology called KneeAlign® (a product of OrthAlign®) that helps guide him during the procedure. KneeAlign provides tibial and femoral navigation in a palm-sized, single-use device compatible with all standard implant systems. It helps the surgeon create a virtual picture of the knee anatomy, which is then used for navigation during the procedure to help improve accuracy and reduce the risk of misalignment.

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The outlook for recovery after knee replacement surgery is excellent. Most people fully recover and do not need assistance walking. And the pain is gone! Most patients are able to resume normal activities within six weeks, although it may take four to 12 months to realize the full benefits of the surgery.